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Don’t you think stunt sequences have evolved to greater extents in the cinema industry? Yes! This is an era of VFX that delivers realism at its best.

Have you ever wondered how all of these would cost in terms of production? The most prevalent thought that goes around is “VFX is expensive” but the reality is otherwise. Because these visual effects can cut down the money involved in creating dupe sets, stunt sequences like bombs, crashes, jumping and many more.This broadened the imagination limit, realism, grandeur in cinema. Read more to get into the details of how one can shoot a stunt sequence under budget.

Proficient Team

Choosing the right team that best suits your requirements can give you positive results without compromising on the goals. Experienced professionals from various niches can communicate effortlessly without any lag in the shooting process. By this the shooting process becomes easier & efficient.

A skilled team can really make a difference when it comes to shooting a stunt sequence. An experienced artist can ace a scene without many retakes. The understanding of the scene & enacting with ease majorly reduces all the extra efforts in terms of retakes, background movements, and so on.

Pre-planning & Rehearsing

Realism comes with recreating even the minute details. In order to achieve this the stunt director has to be keen with their visuals and ensure the presence of the VFX team throughout the shoot. This will help in capturing the details at the right angles and moments. 

Working on a storyboard before getting to the shoot will help to curate the visuals in order. This storyboard will help all the members of the team to understand & work towards achieving the same. Following this step will save you a lot of time & effort. Storyboarding also helps in the sequencing the film in order. This will further avoid confusions and can enable the directors to prioritize the shots with respect to time constraints.

In order to get the perfect shot, the actor has to practice to perfection. This will reduce retakes and help us get the frame & angle as planned initially. Coordinating with the VFX team will help the directors to capture the appropriate frames which make the post-vis process smooth & efficient.

Ensuring safety in the sets while shooting a stunt sequence is one of the most primary aspects to look after. Rehearsing the stunt moves diligently will help in the flow of the sequence & avoids any lag. Using a professional stunt double for complicated scenes will avoid causing any kind of injuries. Following these will result in  efficient output and proportionally reduces the retakes and time consumption.


The pre-planning & rehearsing of scenes will help the director to set the frames accordingly. Every shot has to be planned beforehand known as pre-vis, so that doesn't disrupt the flow of the sequence. The artist movements, background movements, camera movements have to be discussed and planned earlier to get the perfect shot. A stunt scene requires a lot of physical activities happening throughout the sequence, which involves actions (Guns, Cars, Running, Driving, Crashing, Bombing). Pre-vis helps to articulate the sequence & cuts down the cost of retakes  or change of sequences. Having a clear vision of what has to be captured can reduce the volume of shots & improves the quality of shots invariably.

Techniques & Properties

Artists are multifaceted & highly talented but when it comes to a stunt sequence it is always wise to have a stunt double or dupe. 

We can present an original fight scene by using green screens if required, jarring effects, high frame rates, recorded presets & more to create a stunt scene. 

Investing in durable properties is advisable as they are highly durable and cost-efficient compared to real properties. Synthetic properties are reusable and help in major cost cutting when it comes to stunt scenes. Using put together techniques for  bombing, crashing, jumping, and more will consume less time and the rates of these properties are cheap compared to original properties.


Pre-planned stunt choreographies & intensive practice sessions will prevent the artist from facing injuries or accidents while performing. This will affect the production process and slow down the shooting schedule. All the necessary first aid services have to be present inside the shooting space to avoid complications. 


When it comes to stunt scenes, to make it real & relatable it is always advisable to have a VFX supervisor on board right from the storyboard stage. The VFX perspective to a film caters to minute detailing, angles, effects added in shots, properties, placements & more. This will enhance the quality of the shots as the VFX explores the odds and present a appropriate  approach to shoot the scene. With this can avoid a lot of post-vis work which results in an effortless editing process.The film director and the VFX specialist have to work hand in hand to deliver the desired results.


Follow these hacks and put in practice to see a vast difference in your shooting approach and to attain incredible results while shooting a stunt sequence. These pointers & hacks on VFX will help you speed up the post production process, enhances the quality of shots, reduces costs & time with utmost safety.

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